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The Venue at Coosa Landing

The City of Gadsden, Alabama was looking for a replacement for an aging convention hall that could no longer adequately serve the community, so CCR took up the challenge of converting the structure into a 21-century event center fit to host the gamut of riverfront and community events.

The interior of the Venue includes a 7,500 square foot ballroom which can be subdivided into 3 separate meeting rooms, a 15,000 square foot exhibit hall which can be split in half and features a main stage with the full complement of audio and lighting systems for performing arts. Support areas include dressing rooms, a green room and a full catering kitchen as well as a concession stand in the main lobby. The patios and landscaping tie directly into the riverfront parks and marina so festivals and tournaments can seamlessly flow between the indoors and out. The entry features a special door for vehicles so outdoor riverfront events can be brought directly indoors. The project also includes 20,000 square feet of retail space and riverfront parcels for future development. The exterior of the building features painted aluminum panels, green cementitious rainscreen panels and a perforated metal roof screen onto which a colored light show is projected.

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