Shipt Tower

Office & amenity space in Birmingham's tallest skyscraper

This 120,000 SF renovation includes six floors of office space, conference and training rooms, a gym open to all building staff, amenity areas, and the Welcome Center on the building’s first floor.

The design features raw, structural concrete and glazing to allow natural light to penetrate the space.

The office space includes a reception and waiting area, lounge, break rooms, telephone rooms, conference rooms, and open office with sit/stand workstations. Like the Welcome Center, the upper floors are highly collaborative and characterized by a sleek, modern style.

Furniture and carpet selection deliver bold pops of green to reference Shipt’s branding and color palette. Lighting fixtures also create visual interest in the reception area and large conference rooms.

A testament to Shipt’s culture and creativity, amenity areas such as the arcade, bar, game room, and Refresh Room provide an opportunity for employees to relax and recharge away from their desks.

Although they remain cohesive with the rest of the space, the amenity areas feature a more casual, playful style and function.

A triptych by Nashville-based artist Tess Davies enhances the colorful style of the Arcade. Custom neon signage by Magic City Neon and artwork by local artist Sara Heath enhance the tranquil, relaxing environment of the Refresh Room.