Cashiers Residence

A mountain home designed for private retreat and social gathering

This special home is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, amidst nature and friends.

Built of timeless natural materials designed to age and blend into the landscape, the home is focused inward and outward, providing spaces for privacy and community.

Custom carpets, cabinetry, and furniture designed and built by the owner fill the home with personality and meaning.

Paintings by the owner are bright and organic, beautifully contrasting the interiors’ clean lines and natural finishes.

Layers of walls interact with the outdoors and provide a subtle separation of public and private spaces.

Insulated concrete walls, green roofs, fir timbers, radiant heat, fiber cement panels, zinc, pine, and sassafras all intermingle to create a unique cohesion of natural and built elements.

This modern mountain home serves as a place to look inward and outward, reflecting the owners’ values of nature, creativity, and community.