20 Midtown

A mixed-use development in downtown Birmingham that includes apartments, retail, and parking

20 Midtown is a mixed-use development bridging UAB and the City Center with retailers—Starbucks, Chipotle and Publix—and includes parking, apartments and amenities above.

The complex includes 436 apartments ranging from micro to three-bedroom units and was completed in two phases.

Phase I consists of Building 1 and 2—a combined 122 units—retail space and parking.

The ground floor retail spurs activity on the street while hiding parking behind and above. The apartments and rooftop terrace give a terrific view of the city skyline and Red Mountain.

The sleek design of metal panels, zinc, concrete and stucco blends the various uses while expressing the layers of public and private spaces.

Building 3 consists of 325 micro to three-bedroom units with retail, restaurants, parking, and amenities.

With ground floor retail, gathering spaces, a fitness center, and a pool deck, amenities are key to this phase of the development. The amenity deck serves the entire complex and includes the development’s pool, bocce courts, green space, outdoor grilling, and hammocks.