Tammy Cohen


Tammy is a LEED accredited architect and NCID qualified interior designer with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Energy Studies and a Master of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology.

She founded CCR in 1996 and continues to serve as our President and fearless leader. Tammy also serves on the board of Design AL and REV Birmingham and in her spare time loves being with her boys – husband, Richard; son, Francisco; and goofy dog, Loki.

She started CCR to focus on creating the best design possible for the client and leaving behind big firm politics and administration. Tammy somehow manages to run a business, create beautiful design, be a mother, partner, have a social life, pursue hobbies and exercise, all while not suffering breakdowns and existential dread. We’re all pretty much in awe of her and are convinced she’s some sort of super human.

  • Superpower Making 28 hours in a day
  • Favorite Hobbies Walking Loki & Pilates
  • CCR Superlative Best Leader (of course!)