Project Type: Single-Family Homes

Cashiers Residence

This special home is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, amidst nature and friends.

Built of timeless natural materials designed to age and blend into the landscape, the home is focused inward and outward, providing spaces for privacy and community.

Custom carpets, cabinetry, and furniture designed and built by the owner fill the home with personality and meaning.

Paintings by the owner are bright and organic, beautifully contrasting the interiors’ clean lines and natural finishes.

Layers of walls interact with the outdoors and provide a subtle separation of public and private spaces.

Insulated concrete walls, green roofs, fir timbers, radiant heat, fiber cement panels, zinc, pine, and sassafras all intermingle to create a unique cohesion of natural and built elements.

This modern mountain home serves as a place to look inward and outward, reflecting the owners’ values of nature, creativity, and community.


Huner Residence

This residence explores the unification of the owner’s home inspirations: manor homes, cottages, hobbit holes and speakeasies.

The two-story design deflects noise away from a busy side street and provides a quiet, secluded backyard complete with secluded screened dining porch.

The interior includes a large, open entertainment space with a simple day-to-day living layout and serves as a grand entertainment hall to be enjoyed by friends, family and their two ever-happy dogs.


Studio GoodLight

Studio GoodLight is a historic renovation of one part of a residential duplex and is a live/work arrangement. Preserving the existing building was a guiding design mantra in an additive approach.

  • LocationBirmingham, AL
  • Project Type
  • Awards 2017 Honor Award, AIA Alabama
  • 2017 Merit Award, AIA Birmingham
  • 2017 Best of Residential Design, IDIE International Design Association

A rear stair and hidden door serve as a private entrance while a three-story spiral stair passes by the entrance to the residence allowing studio guests to access the roof top terrace.

Massive bridge girders, added at some point in the building’s history, were cleaned and lacquered to contrast with the white studio walls.

The studio is flooded with natural light from a variety of tubular skylights. Each skylight provides a specific lighting purpose for a variety of photographic prerequisites ranging from fashion to food.

A full commercial kitchen, garage and wardrobe areas complete the programmatic areas of the studio.


St. John Pizza Kitchen

From the exterior, the structure is simple and direct, with a material palette of rustic board-formed concrete, glass and exposed weathering steel.

The interior spaces are more elegant, with large Moroccan rug and tile accents and numerous custom-made fixtures: a wood fire pizza oven constructed on site by fourth-generation Neapolitan oven builders, a refrigerated bancone surfaced with Alabama white marble and a cooking hearth fireplace containing grills and a through-wall rotisserie.


CCR Residence

This space is home for a family of three and their dog. The industrial theme of steel and concrete tilt-up panels continues through the upstairs living space.

The second floor balcony and residence offer views of the courtyard pool, Sloss Furnaces and Birmingham’s city center.


Arnold Residence

The Arnold residence was a challenging project due to tight lot restrictions, a steep and irregular site, and imposing setback requirements.

To accommodate all of these factors, CCR created angular forms that fit within the exact buildable area of the site.

The collaboration between owners, builder, architect and multiple artists infuse the residence with a distinct vitality. Design elements of fire, air, earth and water are present throughout the composition and spatial progression of the home.


Clemon Residence

This home is oriented to capture north-facing views and minimize solar heat gain via sunshades, roof overhangs, screened porches and covered patios.

Accessible design features to aid long-term use of the home include: a residential elevator traversing all floor levels, accessible ceiling lights, an indoor carwash bay and residential appliances mounted at accessible heights.



Comer Residence

The home was conceived as an interpretation of the traditional coastal cottage.

The materials include simple wood floors and raw concrete masonry walls with smooth stucco interior coatings. The roof is low slung and has deep overhangs evoking earlier traditional residential forms floating over tall glass openings to allow diffused light to infiltrate the interior.


Stiff Penthouse

Luxurious natural materials such as wood tiled columns, indigenous marble countertops, bamboo millwork and onyx tile give the space an inviting warmth and vitality. Floating in the tub with a view to the city below is one of the owners’ favorite pastimes.

  • LocationBirmingham, AL
  • Project Type
  • Award 2009 Bath Contest, Birmingham Home & Garden Magazine

Miller Residence

Inside, few windows preserve wall space for the owner’s contemporary art collection.

The large living area opens to a private courtyard for poolside entertainment. Outside, a detached garage provides covered parking as well as office space above for a graphic design business.