CCR continues the Share the Love tradition this Valentine’s Day

It’s our very favorite day of the year – Share the Love Day! In the seventh year of our annual tradition, we sponsored adoption fees for 19 adorable pets at The Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you have room in your home and heart for a new Valentine, we hope that you will consider adopting from The GBHS.


“Beau is an affectionate black lab mix who could be your new best friend. He greeted me very calmly in his kennel and was so happy and playful during the photoshoot wagging his tail and showing love to everyone. This photogenic boy was a star and only needed a couple of pictures to capture the perfect one. Let this cuddle bug capture your heart this Valentine’s Day!” —Alexa


“Bruce is a 36lb love bug that jumped right in my lap and gave me kisses. Very curious, friendly, and silly, he’d make a hilarious addition to anyone’s home. At almost a year old, he is also extremely skinny with hip bones and ribs showing and I’d love for someone to take him home and fill him with love and snacks and give this sweet buddy the attention he deserves.” —Jackie


“I decided to sponsor Chloe because she looked like a big bundle of joy in the window! She was so friendly and seems like she’d be a great buddy to have around.” —Danielle


“Dude is such a sweet dog! He LOVES to give kisses and he seems to have a lot of curiosity and energy. He just wants to be loved and have a good time playing!” —Anna


“This 4 and half month-old beautiful girl is named Fable. She is a happy lady when you walk up to see her. This brown eyed Terrier’s hair has a gorgeous chocolate color. She looks like she is ready to go running in the park with you and playing in the fields. Fable would be a loyal and great companion to anyone willing to give her a chance.” —Danny


“Hamilton is a ball of energy and love! He was not shy at all and would make a great pet for an active companion. ” —Laura


“I chose Jake because he looked so happy to see me. I loved his dark color with splashes of warm brown on his cute face and paws. He is such a loveable little guy.” —Sonya


“Jazzy isn’t a cat, he’s a pat of butter. Just the sweetest, meltiest, 6 month old boy—I love him.”—Mika


“Kato is the sweetest girl. She has a calm vibe and a happy tail. She is a little timid, but just needs someone to love her!” —Chuck


“Maisie is the sweetest 4-year-old Yellow Lab. She reminds me of a few very special dogs that I’ve known thru the years. She’s very well suited for either a family or individual looking for a companion without all the training and craziness that a puppy would bring! Cutest trait is how she wiggles her butt when she feels love!” —Robert


“Marc is a bucket of love covered in the softest, wavy black fur. He has soulful eyes and a tender spirit. His favorite activities include pleasing his companion and cuddling. He is a fabulous mix that should be a designer dog, IMHO. Perhaps the love child of a Scottish Terrier and a Basset Hound? Who knows. And who cares, because he is perfection. I would have carried him all the way home like this if I didn’t already have 3 cuddle bugs of my own. Some lucky person is going to have a new bestie with this guy for sure!” —Liesa


Massey is a sweet, shy pup with a beautiful caramel coat and big, expressive eyes. He would be a great addition to your family!


“Such a loveable and gentle golden-brown hound. Wonderful disposition. An incurable snuggle nugget with a happy tail.” —Richard


“Pearl’s a sweet pup, not shy around people, and ready to jump up in your lap for a big hug. I know she’s ready for a great, loving home and would be such an adorable addition to anyone’s family.” —Joe


“Whether it was the first time I walked down the hallway or the fifth time, Regina made a point to walk over to the window and greet me. The last time I stopped by, she sat down to camp out in front of the window as if to have a conversation with me. Then, human hand touched one side of the window and canine paw touched the other side. It was at that point I said, this is a friend for life.” —Roman


Roscoe’s sweater isn’t even the cutest thing about him! He has a beautiful white coat, big brown eyes, and the floppiest ears. He was sweet, friendly, and calm.


“Thomas is a little timid but super sweet. He relaxed the longer he sat with me for photos. Thomas will be a great family pet and easy to train; he responded well to voices and sounds perked  him up. He is adorable and will be a great companion!” —Tammy


“Tony is as sweet as they get. He is shy and gentle and loves alllll the scratches!! He is the perfect pup!!” —Kensie


“So quiet and gentle, Twinkle wants nothing more than to be pet constantly. His big eyes and calm demeanor make Twinkle perfect for someone looking for a chill and loyal friend. Sweet, sweet kitty!” —Brian

All photos by Liesa Cole – Studio GoodLight