CCR continues the Share the Love tradition this Valentine’s Day

It’s our very favorite day of the year – Share the Love Day! In the sixth year of our annual tradition, we sponsored adoption fees for 19 adorable pets at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you have room in your home and heart for a new family member, we hope that you will consider adopting from GBHS.


“Such a sweetheart, very calm but friendly. She would love to be held by anyone!” —Lissy


“As I walked around a hallway corner, I noticed two dogs in the same space enjoying each other’s company. When I approached the window, BooRoo made a 180-degree turn, walked toward the window and extended her hand to the window, as if to shake my hand. I made the same hand gesture on the other side of the window and we were connected from that point on. She wasn’t too busy playing with her fellow canines to welcome me into the group.” —Roman


“Dudley was a big ol’ sweet pupper. He was gentle and kind and listened to commands… when treats were involved. If I didn’t already have a big dog at home, it would’ve been hard not to take Dudley home that day!” —Joe


“Grady is the most lovable cuddle nugget with a calm demeanor and gentle disposition. Quiet and curious and the most beautiful dark coat. I might go back and bring him home!” —Richard


“Hazel is a sweet, rambunctious little puppy. She’s barely over 6 months old, so she would be very moldable to a new environment. I loved her happy-go-lucky demeanor, and she gave me lots of hugs and kisses. She’s a sweetheart.” —Sonya


“Homer is a big, gorgeous, derpy baby bear of a dog. He is so friendly and so silly, and I laughed the whole time we were together as he gave the sweetest hugs and giant slurpy kisses. Homer is the most handsome boy too with his tan and white markings and the most perfect eye liner.” —Jackie


“I sponsored Houdini because he seemed like such a sweet boy and black cats usually get a bad rap! He was really calm and ready for some attention but ended up getting a little camera shy after a few pics! I think he’d be a perfect companion for someone looking for a cuddly friend.” —Danielle


Jamie is spunky and energetic—and, come on, how could you not love those ears?!


“Joey was the first pup to catch my eye on a rainy Monday morning. We both like to do stuff; we both like to have fun! He’s a young one, willing to learn all the commands and deserves all the treats. It was my pleasure to spend a moment getting to know this young buddy on his way to an inevitable happy home. If my wife had been with me he’d be living with us now, no doubt about it.” —Robert


“Jughead is sweet, loving and CHILL! He would be a great pet to hang with the family and friends. Nothing gets him excited; he would even be great with other pets. Such a sweetie!” —Tammy


“Such a sweet pup! Very eager to please and happy to cuddle! I chose him because he gave such a positive energy and had such a beautiful coat.” —Chuck


“She is a very sweet puppy that gave me many kisses. Her calm nature and colors made me pick her.” —Emondre


“Maralyn is a beautiful lab mix with a sweet, gentle personality. She was a little timid but warmed up after some treats. She would make a great addition to any family willing to help build her confidence!” —Laura


“Patterson is a 11-week-old Pit Bull mix. He is ready to explore the world with you or just lay around and watch Netflix—dog shows of course. He still has a lot to learn only being 11 weeks old. Patterson said he wants to be held, pet, and played with ’til the sun goes down, but if you get tired then he’ll just take a quick nap or watch the squirrels from the living room window. His top three wishes are just to be loved, loved, and loved.” —Danny


“Rogue is the cutest German Shepard mix pup. His energy is unmatched and LOVES alllll the treats & scratches. He would make the perfect doggo for someone who loves to go on adventures. He is super friendly & curious!” —Kensie


“Ruger is a highly enthusiastic boy with so much love to give! He is very food motivated, so he will enjoy and respond easily to positive training methods. A social butterfly, he was friendly and overjoyed to meet every person at the photoshoot.” —Alexa


“I chose Sandy because she greeted me with a big, friendly smile and a happy, confident tail wag. She is a gorgeous 4-year-old shepherd who is at the perfect age to settle in with a lifelong companion. I imagine her being a loyal hiking buddy and a faithful family pet to someone with room in their lives for a big, loveable dog.” —Mika


“Tito was ready to party! He was sweet and friendly and ready to offer a hug at a moment’s notice.” —Scott


“Vinny is a gentle, quiet soul looking for someone with whom to share his big heart. As soon as we met, Vinny sidled up to the door to his little cage, practically begging to be pet. He let me pet him with no apprehension and started purring gently almost instantly. As I held him, I got the impression he wants to be a constant companion to someone looking for affection. I wish I could take him home!” —Brian

All photos by Emondre Johnson with The Bark Pet Photography