CCR continues the Share the Love tradition this Valentine’s Day | 2022

It’s our very favorite day of the year – Share the Love Day! This is the fifth year of our annual tradition, and we sponsored adoption fees for 20 adorable pups at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you have room in your home and heart for a new family member, we hope that you will consider adopting from GBHS.


“Aeris is a cautious, calm, and sweet two-year-old puppy who just wants love and affection. She has captured the hearts of all the GBHS staff members, who rave about her sunny disposition. She brightens your day instantly!” —Claire


“Boris is gentle giant with beautiful amber eyes. He would give good cuddles and enjoy outings like hiking at Red Mountain. He would also probably enjoy watching The Great British Bake Off with you.” —Alexa


“I sponsored Buddha, because, like me, he is very wise and likes treats. He is a sweet fella looking for that special someone to love.” —Robert


“Buddy ain’t nothing but a hound dog—an amazingly sweet hound dog. He ain’t never caught a rabbit, but he was immediately a friend of mine.” —Scott


“A big, beautiful, brindled bundle of big-eared playfulness and overabundant bliss. I almost took him home!” —Richard


“There is no cone of shame with this loving snuggle nugget! Sweet soul and sweet temperament.” —Richard


“Felix is shy and calm but is very affectionate. His eyes can melt one’s heart. He is going to be the most lovable and trustworthy family member in any home.” —Sneha


“Gracie is the cutest, happiest, most energetic girl out there. She has lots of hugs & kisses to give and loves to get some scratches. She’s a cutie & would make a great companion!” —Kensie


“Jones was all about the kisses! He was so soft and sweet, and we were instant friends.” —Liesa


“Lenny was shy at first, but he was so very sweet!” —Lissy


“Levi is active but loving, and all about treats! He would be a lot of fun for a family with children or someone who enjoys walking or running.” —Tammy


“She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Lola”
L-O-L-A, Lola
Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lola” —The Kinks

“Lola immediately came up to me and pleaded with her sweet paws digging at the glass because she wanted to come play. She was all mouth and full of energy, but once I took the leash and gave her a few simple commands, she was so well behaved. I just loved her brindle coat and sweet face.” —Jackie


“Marbles is the cutest little misfit! His unusual eyes sparkle with joy. He took no time warming up to me and has plenty of love to share. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind bestie who likes hugs, then look no further!” —Brian


“When I walked down the hall, it was lunch time for all of the dogs. Mason was the only dog who stopped eating, turned to the window and ran over to me to play. He seemed so excited to go for a walk and run. He was very excited and fun to play with.” —Roman


“Rudy is just the sweetest boy, and it’s hard to resist booping his pink snoot. He politely inched onto the couch in the lobby to try and cuddle with as many people as possible—he’s so calm and affectionate! If you’re looking for a cuddle puddle partner, Rudy won’t disappoint.” —Mika


“Taylor is a sweet dog just like old yeller. She likes to be close and needs the confidence that a good home will give her.” —Chuck


“Tosha is such a sweet dog and seems like she has a fun energy but can also settle down. She’s so fluffy, soft, and gorgeous!” —Anna


“Wanda is a pit bull terrier mix with the cutest black spots around her eyes. She was friendly and energetic, but gentle and well behaved. Her sweet disposition would make her a fabulous pet!” —Laura

Wayne & Drake

“Wayne (black lab mix) and Drake (golden lab mix) were best friends since they were born. Wayne and Drake love to go on long walks together. As you can see, Wayne is a natural in front of the camera, and Drake hates to put his collar back on when it’s time to go home. They are two peas in a pod.” —Danny

All photos by Liesa Cole – Studio GoodLight