CCR continues the Share the Love tradition this Valentine’s Day | 2021

It’s our very favorite day of the year – Share the Love Day! This is the fourth year of our annual tradition, and we sponsored adoption fees for 21 adorable pets at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you have room in your home and heart for a new family member, we hope that you will consider adopting from GBHS.


Angelica is a pit bull terrier mix with a sweet personality to match her sweet face! She has a beautiful brindle coat and a friendly energy. She stood up on her back legs to pose for the camera and we fell in love with her!


“Artie is a young dog that loves people. He was calm, friendly and would make an affectionate, well-behaved pet!” —Patrick


“Bernadette is a terrier mix, and I picked her because she seemed happy to see me walk past the door. She reminded me of my very first puppy I got to pick out a long time ago. She is a very calm and happy puppy!” —Danny


“Charlie is the cutest, softest puppy! He flopped right into my arms and felt very relaxed and happy to see me! He would definitely make a great pet.” —Stan


Cookie is a gorgeous black and white bunny. So soft, furry and sweet!


“Cory is a big cuddly goofball that doesn’t know his own size. He told me he was looking for a date to take him home this Valentine’s Day. He’s the sweetest good boy, knows commands and most importantly he’s got love to give!” —Robert


“An adorable cat, Darcy is small enough that I mistook her for a kitten. Her beautiful light blue eyes caught my attention and when I reached out to her she extended her tiny fluffy paw so I knew it was meant to be! If I didn’t have a rather territorial cat at home already she would’ve left with me! I am sure she will make another family very happy.” —Brian


“Dreyfus had the sweetest disposition and wanted to just wiggle and kiss and wag his tail the whole time he was getting his photo taken. I loved his giant head and sweet puppy dog eyes.” —Jackie


“I picked Dusty because she looked like such a joyful, fun-loving dog. She is super sweet and seems to get along with people so well! She has a lot of energy, but she also can calm down and settle.” —Anna


“Everest is an American Bulldog mix with a beautiful, soft white coat and a friendly disposition. He was very sweet and wanted to play and give kisses (clearly). He would be a fun, energetic addition to any family!” —Laura


“Felicia is so very affectionate and soft. You could cuddle with her anytime.” —Lissy


“Jackson was a little timid, but he warmed up to me quickly! He was very affectionate and really wanted the treat being held up behind the camera. He has a very soft, colorful coat and a gentle demeanor that would make him a great pet.” —Patrick


“Juniper is a sweet and fun-loving dog. She has a soft brown and black coat that she loves to have scratched. Although she was a little nervous about having her photo taken, she immediately warmed up to me and didn’t want to leave my side. You’ll quickly tell that she’s a loyal doggie and loves to play and get lots of pets. Juniper has a fondness for dog treats and might sneak in a puppy kiss or two.” —Jonathan


“Leonardo is the softest black bunny with the cutest ears ever! He sat calmly on my shoulder and just wiggled his nose. He would make a great pet for sure!” —Liesa


“Lucinda naturally barks and jumps consistently. Before I even got to her window, I heard her from the other hallway. But, when I arrived at her window, she seemed to settle down a bit, as if to say she was happy I stopped by. When I left the window, she returned to her normal loud barking and jumping. Lastly, when the staff took Lucinda out of the kennel to meet me, she was so relaxed and warm to be around, like two friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.” —Roman


“Maggie is the sweetest puppy; very calm and loving. It was nice how she laid her chin over my arm and did not seem anxious in the least. She is going to be a beautiful loving pet!” —Tammy


“Milton is a charming boy with a full heart and half an ear. He will assist you in the dark arts or squeezing in some much needed cuddle time. He has a calm and affectionate personality and gorgeous green eyes that will make you fall in love. Take your familiar home today and start your magical journey with your new best friend.” —Alexa


“Petey was a love bug!  So very handsome, he would be the perfect buddy.” —Lissy


Pippin’s sweet hound dog ears and freckles will make you smile. He was such a good boy and behaved so well for a treat while his tail thumped on the backdrop the entire time and made us all laugh.


“Raven made it clear she was in the market for cuddles the moment we met—she flopped over for scratches, luxuriated in a few stretches, then proceeded to climb onto my shoulder while just purring away (and melting my heart in the process.) This kitten is devastating!” —Mika


“Rebecca is a super energetic pup, she loves everyone and likes to give kisses. She is the perfect sized doggo and would be perfect for anyone looking for a fun dog best friend! She will always greet you like she hasn’t seen you in weeks!!” —Kensie

All photos by Liesa Cole – Studio Goodlight