CCR continues the Share the Love tradition this Valentine’s Day | 2020

It’s our very favorite day of the year – Share the Love Day! This is the third year of our annual tradition, and we sponsored adoption fees for 23 adorable pets at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. If you have room in your home and heart for a new family member, we hope that you will consider adopting from GBHS.


“Ava would be super stoked to be your girl! She’ll show you affection with her whole body wiggle and will happily accepting all pats. She would love to go everywhere with you—showing off her outgoing personality and sweet, brindle superhero mask!” —Emily


“Becky is a beautiful black Labrador and gentle as a dream. She is calm, quietly affectionate and would make a wonderful addition to a family.” —Richard


“Bella of the Ball – Sweet little lady who just wants to be held but just below the surface lies a fiery passion to play. She was apprehensive around a bunch of new people but I’m sure would open up to a nice caring family. She would make a lovely addition to any family who accepts her into their home.” —Joe


“Bo melted my heart with his crinkled forehead and soulful eyes. He was eager to play and quick to cuddle. He’s a happy, gentle guy ready for LOVE.” —Liesa


“Cheeto is a bit shy; he was rescued from a home with seven small dogs, so we don’t really know the circumstances. He has a super sweet quiet nature. Not overly active but cuddly. I think he would be an excellent choice for a family with small children!” —Tammy

Chloe and Chastity

“Chloe and Chastity will make your day!! They are joyous and eager to please. So cute and cuddly, the perfect size. The pair are FULL OF LOVE!” —Lissy


“Chloe is a very sweet-natured and tender doggie. She is a little shy at first but has a very gentle disposition. She would be happy and content with relaxing on the couch and snuggling. Chloe loves some good head scratches and a dog treat or three.” —Jonathan


“Fiona has a welcoming spirit about her. She seemed to appreciate being around me and for me to be around her.  When we initially met, it was very easy playing together.” —Roman


“Freddy is a high energy, lovable 5 year old retriever mix. He would be a good fit for a loving home and companion for young children. Freddy likes toys, treats and is waiting for someone to eternally throw a ball for him.” —Robert


“Grace is like a cotton ball filled with love, energy, excitement, and generous with her kisses. She’s an absolutely adorable nugget of love.” —Richard


“Hank is a super sweet pitbull mix who seems a little shy around new people, but didn’t bark or get jumpy. He seems to be easy-going, curious fellow, and is incredibly cute. I’m sure he would make a good family pet.” —Anna


“Lightning has a multidimensional personality. She’s the type of dog who will soothe you with her calm sweet demeanor on tough days and be your spunky partner in crime when you’re ready for an exciting adventure. Her curiosity, enthusiasm, and overwhelming love for people make her the perfect pet.” —Alexa


“Lucille is sweet mama dog who seems to have had a rough go of it.  While she only has 3 legs, she gets around great and has a very sweet disposition.  She seems cuddly and enjoys human affection.” —Patrick


“Milo stole my heart the moment he saw me, “mewed” hello, then climbed onto my shoulder for a head-butt and some pets. Milo is perfectly friendly, young and playful, curious, and smart—he loves to chase toys and play, but is always ready for a scratch behind the ear or to be picked up and cuddled. You’ll melt when you hear his powerful purr, it really is something else!” —Mika


“What I liked about Mosely was how affectionate he is.  He loves being pet, especially around the nose and top of the head. Mosely clearly didn’t want me to stop once I started – rubbing his head against my hand and meowing for attention.  He is also pretty active and loves to climb.  Once I picked Mosely up he climbed onto my shoulders and hung out there for a while, enjoying the ride!” —Brian


“What drew me to Oscar was his sweet, quiet, and gentle temperament. Some dogs you can look in the eye and just know that they are smart. He is one of them. Very shy and timid, Oscar warmed up enough to kiss me on the face once while he wagged his tail and I melted. He’d make a  great “good boy” for someone.” —Jackie


“Parker was the absolute sweetest, most cuddly dog! She was the perfect size to cuddle/the perfect size in general. She gave the best doggy kisses and her little ears were so floppy and cute. Parker was so calm and seems like she would be great around kids. She was shy at first but once she warmed up she wouldn’t stop licking me! She didn’t bark or whine once. She would be the perfect addition for anyone looking for a sweet, cute, loving dog!” —Kensie


“Ronald is an exceptionally cute and cheerful dog. He has such a positive charm that he brightened my day within seconds. I believe he can bring lots of love to any home and he can make an affectionate family member.” —Sneha


“Sailor is an adorable and sweet muscle bound nugget. He is energetic and playful. He would do well in an active home. He also loves a good snuggle.” —Patrick


“Scrappy is beautiful, focused, energetic, outspoken and eager to please. I love that he makes eye contact during conversation and has thoughtful comments when he is addressed. He would make a great candidate for President!” —Scott


“Vail was such a wonderful, friendly cat. As soon as we met he was rubbing against my feet and looking up at me. He was very calm and collected, and would be an excellent first cat for a home that wants a four-legged-friend who welcomes affection. Surprisingly open to belly rubs!” —Ryan


“Wanda is a shy, sweet girl who seems to really crave physical touch. She has a beautiful expressive face and responds to kind, soft spoken words.” —Stan

All photos by Liesa Cole – Studio Goodlight