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CCR continues Share the Love tradition this Valentines Day

CCR continues Share the Love tradition this Valentines Day

By Emily Dykes

February 14, 2019

Last year we started our Share the Love event to help local shelter animals find their forever homes. This year we’re continuing the tradition. We have each chosen a pet from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and paid their adoption fee.

In the past year, we’ve added 4 dogs to our family and have fostered 14 dogs. We’ve also lost some beloved pets this year and, in their memories, would like to pass on the love they brought to our lives with others.

We hope that if you have room in your home and heart that you will consider adopting one of our sponsored pets this Valentine’s Day. Here are the pets we have chosen.

Name and Pet’s Name: Tammy and Taylor

What we love about this pet: Taylor has beautiful light brindle coloring with a white chest. He is loveable and lively. He understands some commands and I totally enjoyed having him in my lap today!

Name and Pet’s Name: Robert and Chucky

What we love about this pet: Chucky is a little orange lovebug. As soon as I walked up to him, he started rubbing his face on my hand. He has such a sweet disposition and will make someone an excellent pet!

Name and Pet’s Name: Jackie and St. Charles

What we love about this pet: I knew immediately that St. Charles was a big sweet baby and would make a wonderful addition to a family. It was his wiggly butt and sweet kisses that immediately hooked me.

Name and Pet’s Name: Emily and Ellie

What we love about this pet: Ellie is calm and patient. She has a beautiful, uniquely colored brown coat and the funniest gremlin ears! She is eager to please and is perfectly sized for head patting while she stands next to you. Ellie is a good girl!

Name and Pet’s Name: Richard and Henry

Little chocolate Henry is a gentle and trusting puppy that likes to snuggle. He ran up to me immediately as we met each other, and he enjoyed being held. He would make a wonderful pet. He let me play with his paws and ears in a loving and trusting appreciation. I almost brought him home!

Name and Pet’s Name: Liesa and Hashtag

What we love about this pet: Hashtag stole my heart from the start!  His adoring, calm and gentle demeanor, cuddly medium size and irresistible cuteness sealed the deal. I know he will make a wonderful addition to some lucky family.

Name and Pet’s Name: Roman and Jasmine

What we love about this pet: Jasmine is shy and sweet. She wants a human she can trust and who will be her companion. She is cuddly and earnest.

Name and Pet’s Name: Anna and Jerry

What we love about this pet: Jerry is a tenderhearted, timid cuddle bear. His fur is super soft and fluffy, and is comfortable in chill environments. He would make a great addition to a loving family who wants a calm fuzzy friend by their sides.

Name and Pet’s Name: Jonathan and Kaylee

What we love about this pet: Kaylee is a gorgeous dog with a coat not quite black, but not quite brown. She is a little nervous, but will open up and be a most loyal companion. She has the cutest little curled tail that wags when she’s excited.

Name and Pet’s Name: Joe and Kirk

What we love about this pet: I was initially drawn to Kirk because of his big block head and sweet puppy dog eyes. He was gentle and calm as we waited for our turn to take pictures but was ready to run and play when he got the chance.

Name and Pet’s Name: Patrick and Lilo

What we love about this pet: Lilo is a sweet cuddle bunny with lots of energy.  She loves people and would be great in an active household.

Name and Pets’ Names: Stan and Mary Beth and Joan

What we love about these pets: I picked sister Mary Beth and Joan because they had love in their eyes. They were super sweet to each other and to me.

Name and Pet’s Name: Claire and Nugget

What we love about this pet: Nugget has the sweetest puppy eyes and kind demeanor. She would be great for a family with kids as she’s playful, gentle, and not too big.

Name and Pet’s Name: Brian and Stella

What we love about this pet: I chose because she is very gentle and quiet. She would make a sweet companion for kids.

Name and Pet’s Name: Lissy and Stephano

What we love about this pet: I chose Stephano because he is small, mature and calm.  A perfect gentleman.  When he was being taken back to the “room” he sat down and refused to get up.  Smart fellow. And smartly groomed too!

Name and Pet’s Name: Mika and Sweetie

What we love about this pet: Sweetie reminds me of my own rescue hound mix – she’s a beautiful color, just the right size, curious and playful, and (living up to her name) an absolute sweetheart who loves cuddles and kisses!

Name and Pet’s Name: Scott and Tucker

What we love about this pet: I chose Tucker because he looked like he was ready to order Chinese takeout and Netflix and Chill.  He seemed like he had strong cuddling skills and a deeper understanding of his place in the universe.

Name and Pet’s Name: Jose and Virginia

What we love about this pet: Virginia was an awesome dog to sponsor. We made eye contact at her kennel, I let her sniff my hand to introduce myself, she looked up with her beautiful brown eyes and she automatically leaned her head in to get some lovin’. She was curious, loving, very friendly and playful! I think she will have no problem loving whoever gives her a new home!

Photos by Liesa Cole – Studio Goodlight

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