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CCR Shares the Love This Valentines Day

CCR Shares the Love This Valentines Day

By Emily Dykes

February 14, 2018

At CCR, we love animals. Our president and VP’s dogs roam the courtyard on lunch breaks. Our Head of Marketing has been known to rush injured birds to Oak Mountain for treatment. Our dogs visit the office regularly and, at last count, we’ve rescued 12 cats. We have more pets than we have employees and more pets than children. 

Since we can’t collect them all (even though we’re trying), we decided to share the love we have in our hearts for animals by ensuring more pets get homes. We have each chosen a pet from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and paid their adoption fee. 

We hope that if you have room in your home and heart you will consider adopting one of our sponsored pets this Valentine’s Day.  Here are the pets we have chosen.

Name and Pet’s Name: Anna and Hunter

What we love about this pet: “Hunter is a little shy at first, but once he warms up he is very calm, patient, and eager to please. He will make an excellent companion for someone who needs a low energy, kind dog.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Christine and Sir Lemon and Laree

What we love about these pets: “Sir Lemon and Laree are both playful, high energy dogs who love people. They will be great family dogs especially to a family that already has a dog who needs a playmate!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Emily and Balto

What we love about this pet: “Despite coming from police custody as part of an animal cruelty case, Balto is so loving, trusting, and friendly. He reminded me of my dog - smart, high energy, and grateful. I think with a little training and a lot of love, he will make the most loyal pet.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Jacklyn and Beauty

What we love about this pet: “The moment I made eye contact with Beauty, she started wagging her whole booty and her cute little stubby tail at me. I love bully breeds and she is the epitome of their sweetness and loving nature. Plus she has such a pretty smile!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Joe and Butch

What we love about this pet: “Butch has a tender heart and just wants to snuggle and run around. He’s a sweet, calm dog with energy to burn. When he runs, he hops with his back legs. It’s really cute!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Jonathan and Buddy

What we love about this pet: “Buddy’s name really matched his friendly personality. He was a little shy, but warmed up quickly and loved being held and getting ear scratches!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Jordan and Anna and Carrie and Holly

What we love about these pets: “Carrie was bundled up with two other cats when I first saw her. When I held her she was scared and shy, but became very loving and not opposed to being held. She would make a great pet because she’d stay teeny-tiny forever and snuggle other kitties!” “Holly was really sweet and cuddled right up under my chin. When she’s with Carrie, she purrs and calms down. She would be a great pet for someone who wants a super cuddly kitty.”

Carrie and Holly are a bonded pair and are recommended (but not required) to be adopted together.

Name and Pet’s Name: Liesa and Zeke

What we love about this pet: “I love Zeke’s graphic black and white style and his indiscriminate affection!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Lissy and Tia

What we love about this pet: “Tia is sweet, loving, and calm. She will be an excellent, patient companion.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Patrick and Jazzmine

What we love about this pet: “Jazzmine is, in typical hippo fashion, a snuggly lap dog. As a lover of bully breeds and mixes, I was immediately drawn to her big block head and adorable smile. She is quiet and very loving. She seems like a great companion for anyone looking for a lot of affection and loyalty. Pibbles rule!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Richard and Jane

What we love about this pet: “Jane is a sweet and gentle dog. She loves affection and is a real cuddling magnet. She is obedient, trusting with strangers, and very mild mannered.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Robert and Rocko

What we love about this pet: “Rocko has a sweet demeanor and is a great size. He’ll make a great pet in a loving home.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Roman and Cocoa

What we love about this pet: “When I made eye contact with Cocoa, she immediately started wagging her tail and I knew we had bonded. She is an earnest dog who will be an awesome addition to any home.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Scott and Maajida

What we love about this pet: “Maajida is very friendly and approached me calmly. She was very attentive to guidance and suggestions. I think she will be fairly easy to train as she wants to please. In addition to a friendly temperament, she loves belly rubs!”

Name and Pet’s Name: Stan and Ricky Bobby

What we love about this pet: “Ricky Bobby communicates his love and affection with his eyes and wagging tail. He has a perma-grin and will be a joy for whoever adopts him.”

Name and Pet’s Name: Tammy and Missy

What we love about this pet: “Missy is full of energy! She loves to cuddle and will be easy to train because she responds so well to commands.”

Visit GBHS to see these and other adoptable pets here:

Photos by Liesa Cole.

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